Hearing Aid Pricing

Affordable hearing aid prices with flexible financing plans.

Hearing Aid Prices

We know considering a purchase of hearing aid technology can be a multi-step process and we aim to make that process as simple as possible. Often we learn that the cost of hearing aids is the main reason many who could benefit from hearing aid technology chose to delay purchasing them. For this reason, we offer a wide range of hearing aid options with several very affordable options

The best way to determine which hearing aids are best for you and how much to spend on hearing aid technology is to schedule your free hearing consultation with our hearing care professionals. our hearing aid prices start at $740 per hearing aid and includes manufacturer warranty for loss and damage. 

To also help with making the purchase of hearing aid technology easy to manage for every budget we also offer flexible patient financing options with low or no-interest plans. These plans have proven very helpful for many to not delay in purchasing hearing aid technology by spreading the overall cost across several months to pay off over time while enjoying their better hearing. For more information on our financing program and plan options or to see if you qualify, simply contact us by submitting your information on the form to the left or calling our office during business hours. 

We are here to help all who need hearing care to get the technology they deserve as affordable as possible. Our range of hearing aid prices and flexible financing plans helps remove the concerns over pricing from the purchasing decision. Don't let pricing stand in in the way of your opportunity to gain better hearing.


Financing Available through CareCredit and Healthiplan.