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We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.


Experience is Awesome 

Edward Friedman Keystone

Very pleased with the care and service provided at All About Hearing Aids in Keystone Heights. From the moment you enter and are offered coffee or water to the final fitting and training, the experience is AWESOME. Life with the new hearing aids has been a pleasant experience and I can actually hear my wife again (it's all good).

Edward F.

It all started from a card in the mail!

 Juanita P

I received a card in the mail about All About Hearing Aids, so I decided to make an appointment. They have a friendly staff who are always willing to help me and not give up on my hearing loss. I decided to buy% more than I have been. I'm not very happy without it and I don't know how I got by for so long without it. I will tell anyone with a hearing loss to try it. Without my hearing aids, I'm lost. I love it and can finally understand voices in crowded situations. All About Hearing Aids is a blessing to me!

Juanita P

 Candy Lucas


The service I have received at  All About Hearing Aids is exceptional. The staff is polite, helpful and always willing to accommodate. I am so happy with my state of the art hearing aids. It has changed my life. I highly recommend all  All About Hearing Aids.

Candy L.

Didn't know I was missing sounds!

I am so very pleased with the care I've gotten from both of these professional people (Keystone Heights staff).  They are always courteous and caring.  My hearing aids have brought sounds back to me that I didn't even know I was missing. I would recommend this office to everyone who needs them.  The product is great and very easy to care for.

Jeanne R.